Located in the heart of Harlem, New York City, Yara African Fabrics, LLC specializes in a beautiful assortment of rich African patterns and colors. Woven Mud Cloth, Wax Print, Batik, Tie Dye, and Brocade are just a few of the many styles that are offered by us.

Capture the essence of Africa with some of the top designs in African fashion.

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Moctar Yara, the proud owner of Yara African Fabrics, LLC started this shop more than 15 years ago. Yara Fabrics has since grown into a wholesale supplier with a warehousing facility in the Bronx, Manhattan. The retail shop at Central Harlem on 125th Street draws all the textile lovers in, with its supply of vibrant colored and versatile patterned Authentic African Fabrics. Designers large and small come from all over to order fabrics.

Moctar Yara is a Native from Mali and came to New York in January 1992. With his experience of selling textiles in his village, back at home (Djema, Mali), he easily fell right into the line of fabric and jewelry vendors along 125th Street.  The small business gradually turned into a neighborhood staple, and that is how Yara opened the doors of a retail shop in 1999.

Source:- Voices of NY

African Symbols

Below we have displayed a few of the most significant African Symbols and their meanings.
These are usually the vibrant designs that you see in our African Fabrics.